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A Transformational Online Course/Workshop helping people who feel "stuck" in Life find CLARITY and begin to live daily with PURPOSE and PASSION in the most important areas of their life.

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There are 3 ways you can experience this transformational workshop.

Which one is right for you?

Option 1

Take the 5 Lessons to Life Transformation Online Course

Feel Distracted? Neglecting Yourself and those you Love? Worried about getting to the end of your life with a TON OF REGRET?
Well, this 5 Lesson Online Course will propel you forward and transform your life, preventing "future hell" and creating Daily HOPE, PASSION, and PURPOSE in Your Life, giving yourself and those you love the LIFE THEY DESERVE.

This course will help identify where you currently are in your life and where and who you want to be in the Most Important Areas of Your Life stopping current neglect.

Yes, we will clearly identify what the Most Important Areas of Your Life actually are, identify what success looks like in each area FOR YOU and then we will customize a DAILY PLAN on how to live the life you have been wanting to live. We will also give you the transformational tool to do so, Your DAY PAGE.

Don't Delay Your Success. . . Immediate access to this transformation is one click away.     



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Option 2

Schedule Your Private 1:1 Two Hour Turn Around Life Transformation Sessions

Do you want the benefits of the Transformation Online Course but prefer it in 1:1 Private In-Person Face to Face Sessions or Video Call?

Well, this option is perfect for you. You will get all the benefits, custom TOOLS, and life transformation you would get with the Online Course but with me privately, 1 on 1. 


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Option 2

Book a Private Workshop for Your Team or Group of Friends

This is a great option to still get the benefits of a 1:1 Private Session but do so with some friends or your corporate team.

Experience this life transformation with others not only changing your life but changing the life of those you care for and work with. 

(*3-7 participants required*)

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Option 3

Book the Workshop for Your Larger Corporate Event

Everyone loves motivation. Motivation is important but it does only last so long. Yes, "nuggets" can be "mined" from a good motivational talk but are they remembered and lived hours after the event? What about next day? What about next month? Is the "nugget" forgotten? Has real life transformation truly taken place? Sometimes. 

Bringing The Two Hour Turn Around to your next event live's WILL BE TRANSFORMED.  This transformation will take place not only in the workplace but most importantly in the other important areas, AT HOME, and IN LIFE.

A company that cares about their employees truly succeeding, not only in the workplace but at home and in life, is a company that has chosen to go above and beyond. BRING LIFE CHANGE TO YOUR PEOPLE. . do not delay.

**This workshop can be adjusted/customized to fit time restraints and/or other concerns**

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 In This Workshop and Online Course You Will. . .

Identify the most important areas of your life. We usually have about 5 to 6 areas that matter most and how we "show up" DAILY in those areas matters.

Clearly define what "success" or "winning" in the Most Important Areas looks like for YOU through the powerful Six Questions to Clarity.

Eliminate overwhelm and inaction and discover the 1 to 2 actions to be taken DAILY in the most important areas of your life, making the vision of success in those areas REALITY through the exclusive My Day Page tool.

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What is it Worth?

WHAT is it worth for you and your team to move from paralysis in life to progress and passion in life?  
WHAT is it worth to move quickly, 2 Hours, from a sense of confusion, isolation, and powerlessness to one of Clarity, Confidence, and Capability?
WHAT is it worth to achieve simplicity in an ever increasing distracting and complex world?
WHAT is it worth to have a simple, but powerful system, to achieve extreme clarity on what success looks like in all areas of your life and tool to live that success daily?

It's Worth a Lot!

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