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Damon Eddy

Husband / Father / Author / Clarity Coach

Damon Eddy has been married for 27 years to his beautiful and supportive wife, Julie. They are the proud parents of four children, Liam, Jace, Brok, and Hope and currently reside in Colorado.


Damon is a Realtor in Colorado who loves helping individuals buy, sell, and invest in real estate, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY AND PASSIONATELY, Damon loves helping them find clarity in the key areas of their life through a transformational coaching program/workshop called The Two Hour Turn Around.

Damon is also a published author. His book, Walks with Mr. Smith, is an impactful parable consisting of Eight Life Lessons that if applied can be life-changing and is available on Amazon and other major sites.

Damon is a former Div. 1 Athlete and loves presenting his powerful workshop to audiences large and small.

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